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1.Please measure your baby foot length by ruler first, then pick the correct size according to above size table by foot length. For example, if baby foot length is 12.7 cm, you can pick US size 5.5. If baby feet are fat, you can pick one size larger than usual.
2.The size number marked in shoe outsole is China size number, not European size.

US size 9 = EU 26 = China 26 Foot Length 17.2 cm

US size 10 = EU 27  =  China  27  Foot Length 17.7 cm

US size 11 = EU 28 = China  28  Foot Length 18.2 cm

US size 1=  EU 29 = China  29  Foot Length 18.7 cm

US size 2=  EU 30 = China 30 Foot Length 19.2 cm

US size 3=  EU 31 =  China 31 Foot Length 19.7 cm

US size 3.5= EU 32  = China 32 Foot Length 20.2 cm

US size 4.5= EU 33 = China33 Foot Length 20.7 cm

US size 4.5= EU 34 = China 34 Foot Length 21.2cm

US size 4.5= EU 35 = China 35 Foot Length 21.7 cm

US size 4.5= EU 36 = China 36 Foot Length 22.2cm

US size 4.5= EU 37 = China 37 Foot Length 22.7 cm


How to choose the correct shoe size?
Two Keys : Foot length & Insole length !!!!!
1. How to get the correct size?
Shoe size is based on the insole length.
Insole length = Foot length + Free length(0.5~1 cm)
Suitable free length: +0.5 cm for Spring/Autumn Shoes;
                                   +0.5~1 cm for Summer/Winter Shoes.
If your kids feet are fat, or you want to take extra space for growth, you can add 0.5 cm more.
2. How to measure kid\'s foot length?
Please stand agaist the wall,measure the distance from the wall to kid\'s front toe. That measured is Foot length.



                                                  Company Profile

Guangzhou HAHOOLA Children Products Co.,Ltd is an integrated company that combines design, production and sales. Being established in 2016, formerly known as Shanghai Xuanmei Industrial Co.Ltd, our major brand SNOWKIMI mainly focus on satisfy the needs of children under 14 years old. To guarantee the unique style and market competitiveness, we set up professional research and development department, combing professional processing technique and according to foot shape of Chinese children, we have plenty of production experiences after practices, making our products meet the needs of most of the Chinese children.

It’s been 7 years since our establishment, we persist in PERSONALITY, TRENDY, COMFORTABLE as our brand vision, therefore we’ve kept receiving customers’ enthusiastic response and great support. Therefore, we sincerely thank you all from the bottom of our heart after all these years! We will keep chasing and going beyond ourselves to provide more high quality products to satisfy market need, giving you more choices!

“Let’s grow together!” We hope that SNOWKIMI will accompany you a beautiful childhood.

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